digital payment facility in WhatsApp

digital payment facility in WhatsApp
digital payment facility in WhatsApp

WhatsApp  give you a digital payment facility

You are chatting on WhatsApp Messenger soon and you have to pay someone with it and you make a payment

transaction from whatsapp and facebook messenger and you can pay the same transaction with the same app violet.

How will you feel when you will fly from the Facebook Messenger whatsApp Messenger? Yes, whatsapp is going to

bring a new feature for India, under which WhatsApp will give you a digital payment facility. From which you will be

able to make digital payments quickly or through WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, by the company’s founder

Brian Aston, the information and broadcasting minister Ravi Shankar Prasad has been talked about. So whatsapp is

globally very user of which 20 crore India has whatsapp According to the website of a person who needs Unified

Interface i.e. the Bhim App and the Aadhar card information, WhatsApp will appoint WhatsApp so that it can be

used for messaging on WhatsApp. This feature is available in the

digital payment facility in WhatsApp
digital payment facility in WhatsApp

US on iOS Messenger wants to launch this feature

also in whatsapp India, this step of whatsapp is considered very good for Digital India According to Indian Digital,

you will find this feature on whatsapp soon to see how fast whatsapp applies to this I think you have liked this post,

you will get some problems, write in the comment

Be wary of friends through WhatsApp hacking Go on

                                 whatsapp scam

                              whatsapp  scam

You would think that your whatsapp is very secureiphone 7 appel latest mobile phones iOS 10
Not on
In today’s Internet world, it is not possible
You are so do cyber security systems use antivirus news and a lot of catches when it catches your news site
There is the risk of hackers
Hackers always cyber security are two steps forward
In this world of Smartphone right now you are being used
Don’t go the Plaza it is truehaw can hang mobile

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A promotional link is sent to you on which it happens that you send 10 people will have a link so you iphone free
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Which came to him think your whatsapp message friends sent this message its because he does this message click
As you click the link the link is taking you to other website the website you have your details feel-up
As you do your interiors featuring philaapFacebook audio as live broadcast on live alltech buzz
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Casper sky Lapp principal David these also say that in many language
It links you to forward the 10 people
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Facebook and whatsapp live a link forward to getting
It is being said that you 1gb
Data will be 10 gb upgrade
As soon as you click on this link
He will bring you to another page where you
You must enter your Provident Fund details
To click it I will not
Because it’s not from hackers message  is from the side of the
Stay alert for careful
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