digital payment facility in WhatsApp

digital payment facility in WhatsApp
digital payment facility in WhatsApp

WhatsApp  give you a digital payment facility

You are chatting on WhatsApp Messenger soon and you have to pay someone with it and you make a payment

transaction from whatsapp and facebook messenger and you can pay the same transaction with the same app violet.

How will you feel when you will fly from the Facebook Messenger whatsApp Messenger? Yes, whatsapp is going to

bring a new feature for India, under which WhatsApp will give you a digital payment facility. From which you will be

able to make digital payments quickly or through WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, by the company’s founder

Brian Aston, the information and broadcasting minister Ravi Shankar Prasad has been talked about. So whatsapp is

globally very user of which 20 crore India has whatsapp According to the website of a person who needs Unified

Interface i.e. the Bhim App and the Aadhar card information, WhatsApp will appoint WhatsApp so that it can be

used for messaging on WhatsApp. This feature is available in the

digital payment facility in WhatsApp
digital payment facility in WhatsApp

US on iOS Messenger wants to launch this feature

also in whatsapp India, this step of whatsapp is considered very good for Digital India According to Indian Digital,

you will find this feature on whatsapp soon to see how fast whatsapp applies to this I think you have liked this post,

you will get some problems, write in the comment

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