Jio sammar surprise offer stop

  • Jio sammar surprise offer stop
    Jio sammar surprise offer stop
  • Jio sammar surprise offer stop

  • Geo is bad news for users Geo
  • summer surprise plan was the
  • second operator of the plant due to
  • the Telecom Authority, the
  • regulator end has been asked to
  • shut Geo offers summer surprise,
  • which is recharged to 99 and 303 of
  • them it was not 4 months free plan
  • he will not live to tell it to also try
  • we will be according to government
  • rules mean what you now Fr.
  • Minister will not offer a very bad
  • thing 10 million users of free people
  • because of offers by 99 or be
  • charged more than that their hopes
  • now try and respect Operators
  • ruined very quickly Hiugrs the free
  • affair What are the new
  • connections for you? Even if you
  • are still trying to get this extension
  • and get extension of four to five
  • days or if you have not recharged
  • tonight, Nd will help you quickly
  • make quick recharge or sIM close
  • that made your post we have left
  • you have the option to be very
  • accurately who free rounds them
  • problem more Sataagi. I have four
  • connections is not on the same SIM
  • I’ve Prime membership even
  • though I know I should do what I
  • need to be recharged on the SIM
  • yesterday extended the move TRAI
  • you think what you wrote in the
  • comments shortly I will give you a
  • new update, please write in the
  • comment so that I understand what
  • you think

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  1. I was using ACT(100 mbps) in Bangalore.

  2. Started working from home so came back to Ranchi(my hometown)

  3. have been using reliance JIO for the last 2 months. Here is my review:

  4. Took reliance JIO.SUPERNATURAL SWAG

  5. Speed test showed 4 mbps. I was alright with it.

  6. Soon more people opted it and one day speed decreased to 1–1.5 mbps. I was sad.

  7. Next day to my surprise, speed test result was 10 mbps. So, they cared. 🙂

  8. -youtube-views-subscribers
  9. I went to Delhi for some work, speed test result was 22 mbps.
  10. In Chandigarh it was 2–3 mbps.

  11. I have heard it goes to 52 mbps in Hyderabad. Someone confirm?

  12. 8–10 mbps in train from Delhi to Chandigarh.

  13. Till now I love it, let’s see what we have for later. But sure, it is going to be a game changer.

    relinece jio