Jio sammar surprise offer stop

  • Jio sammar surprise offer stop
    Jio sammar surprise offer stop
  • Jio sammar surprise offer stop

  • Geo is bad news for users Geo
  • summer surprise plan was the
  • second operator of the plant due to
  • the Telecom Authority, the
  • regulator end has been asked to
  • shut Geo offers summer surprise,
  • which is recharged to 99 and 303 of
  • them it was not 4 months free plan
  • he will not live to tell it to also try
  • we will be according to government
  • rules mean what you now Fr.
  • Minister will not offer a very bad
  • thing 10 million users of free people
  • because of offers by 99 or be
  • charged more than that their hopes
  • now try and respect Operators
  • ruined very quickly Hiugrs the free
  • affair What are the new
  • connections for you? Even if you
  • are still trying to get this extension
  • and get extension of four to five
  • days or if you have not recharged
  • tonight, Nd will help you quickly
  • make quick recharge or sIM close
  • that made your post we have left
  • you have the option to be very
  • accurately who free rounds them
  • problem more Sataagi. I have four
  • connections is not on the same SIM
  • I’ve Prime membership even
  • though I know I should do what I
  • need to be recharged on the SIM
  • yesterday extended the move TRAI
  • you think what you wrote in the
  • comments shortly I will give you a
  • new update, please write in the
  • comment so that I understand what
  • you think

jio mobile Riyalti check  Welcome Offer from preview  offers 

                1   =       Original Content

You’ll be looking at a lot of YouTube video in which it is explained how the welcome offer is not

preview  offer to convert the data center, and when you register the mobile SIM locked

when one of you will recognize from OPS Data will change you think is wrong, I will not benefit from this

 you think will benefit
My  old Apps my jio old apps to go into Google  Davnlod  to install it


Now you can stop data open the app, press the login button jio id


id put your data on

User ID is not the first to take

After that you will op

jio mobile
jio mobile

en the screen on top you will see welcome offers space preview Offers


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