new youtuber not to be ezy monetization

not ezy monetization
not ezy monetization

YouTube’s advertisers are cutting youTube, due to which YouTube has to make this big decision

Now YouTube has change its guidelines;

What was the first thing to do was put a video on YouTube

Now it will not be so YouTube has said in a press

report: We have changed the guidelines which are the creators, they also paste the video copy of anyone and the content

adver Ties will not be friendly, there will not be an AIDS show on it, if the creator still does not accept it, then we can take

even stronger steps. It will not be so easy to make the new adsense monetise on YouTube because 10000 users of the entire

channel Then you can apply for monetization,after which your.

channel will be reviewed  the content of yourchannel is your own or the copy is pasted.

And whether that advertise is friendly or not and your channel follows the

YouTube Community Guidelines, ads will be put on your video only. At present, the number of such big channels, the

earnings of any major YouTube channels have fallen down to almost 60%.

the new rules, it can report your YouTube videos

also come into this case before the video was the same report is not now

youTube is saying that any of you Also it seemsthat it does not Halo has been pasted,

video copy or community

guidelines you create this report do best option to upload

the video made my own on my YouTube channel content advertiser-friendly first channel Create were you thinking about

  1. earning the money by creating a brand first create it according to earn money channels once your brand, a space Be sure not.

.to read well to earn money on YouTube’s community guidelines to follow so that the subject you will save the strike on your channel