Jio sammar surprise offer stop

Jio sammar surprise offer stop Geo is bad news for users Geo summer surprise plan was the second operator of the plant due to the Telecom Authority, the regulator end has been asked to shut Geo offers summer surprise, which is recharged to 99 and 303 of them it was not 4 months free plan […]

How to make your youtube channel android application in 2 minutes

How to make your youtube channel android application in 2 minutes Many of you will think that it is also our android application 99 per cent of people feel that Android application is possible to create your website or youtube channel, also Join In it you will need two things, a link to your youtube […]

Be wary of friends through WhatsApp hacking Go on

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whatsapp Bank account data for users sending Excel files duplicate whatsapp hack

             whatsapps hack in your bank account whatsapp users sending Excel files on the duplicate of the bank account has been publishing data to hack, whatsapp gesture on the part of users has been wary, Where to stay in the penis on whatsapp Malvy keeping hackers This is a profile […]

Facebook audio as live broadcast on live

            Facebook new   features Facebook is about to the future of the next six to seven months, it has been initially tested Facebook future will look at the future of Facebook, has Anousment  Official how effective these,                  realize that updet See […]

twitter new future twitt editing on twitter best future

What should new features on twitter users from the online poll after it was received, he soon tweeted Reportedly Twitter coordinator door C is provided on the editing How to Get Free Twitter Followers 2016 Get Twitter Famous Very often when chatting is quick to correct him in a lot of mistake has no need to […]