How to make the website free weebly

                create your own free website

How to make the website then this  is the way, stay tuned hello my sultan sayyad are many ways to create free website, but I will show you live illustrate how you can create your own free website so let’s make a free website on the method in the first browser to open the website also went Jaaye now so you can create your own free website here facebook if you have a Facebook account you can sign up with to turn on the color orange is login If you want to make your website the first thing you have to mean it will look to your website, you will scroll down here right now and see if you can hear here are given a lot of free themes


haw can make a free websiteElect in appearance and has such good because many times it is easy to read

Posts that are very good but the people who come to your website to see them properly letter

So let’s take a Choose not a good theme

I’m so good-looking that there is a very good look and you are loading


Asking you whether you have your domain

Or you can register a domain register but

You will have to register the domain takes money and some money every year

Man can fly on it to call you

Have to pay for that at the moment we are making free website

We take a weebly’s own words, that is here

Which will also be part of yours will weebly

Your own domain name will be free if he had some

Use the How to make your youtube channel android application in 2 minutes

Ie that he is in such alltechbuzz Available on the Continue button, we

He is viewed by clicking on it you are welcome at Peepli is welcome

You can now plan your website or direct you to their website

We made a website so you can make out visit our website where you will see it

And the different things that you can change things here of their own favorite

If you can put on alltechbuzz give you guys some work and then

You can upload it here

So let us take to upload on your computer

Pictures folder by clicking

Go to it and see if we have people here who

Here’s how you picture the image, whether the image you

You can also change the image, click on it and then let

Now click on the image and from your computer

              Here we can upload any image on some image

Uploaded was too large so that the size of our best

Truncate the kick and see us now

It might also add that no image or not up here

Click again, and his image and you

Upload photos of the man from a computer by clicking on the Read

And images we now see this it manages to open it

You went to the image and can drive it if you want

It is the size that you can make people look younger

If you can put more than one on which we

If you want to turn

Tomorrow, we will want to create another page so it will push up the image itself

Right now we’re not on the home page and here we are putting an image on two separate

This picture here is different images come together again under some text if you want

But some characters can not put put put the letter before we

                                          put title

So you guys can just as easily be dragged here as soon as you can and

Move them to come here is the meaning of this title is the title then here is your

About the top title as we tend to put the Internet under the title turn Troy

Move forward and take a look at it and it’s just something that you can also test

Some have already done so in the mode of the copy that I’d paste it here the same

See Control-C to copy it to me so I’m going to go back to the control it

That said, we turn and paste and you wish to change the color of the text on

Here you can see the color change button, click on it and select any color

Two moments we have lived so moved compile selected him take it we now see this

And it is the title that our characters have come down your title, how do we

And from your favorite thing you should do anything you can best

Suppose you want to paste it here or you can type directly but also because I am English

It took two letters, so I had already taken it by typing your text, you have to be

From here you can put on the Internet is like how the buttons are made up of lots of social media


                                                                  social media

You can link to your website so that your social media with people

Account to your Facebook page or LinkedIn profile and look at ways

Here you can stay in touch with put put, we control alltechbuzz

Seeker and give a copy of the control key on the keyboard, and give it to my facebook id

Linkndain’s control which is the id of your profile under your name

It would look into the blue when you click on a profile of Linkndain

Try to select and complete control for the Ctrl-C, and then look at yourself

The paste will not necessarily put you copy paste the youtube channel

Google plus one can turn and then, all this that’s my social media presence

I have them all the details on the social media site I put all those details here

I even put on my website so that people who are coming with me on social media

If you can keep in touch via our website so it’s up to you a tumble

Last job is to save

If we publish it on top of a button you click on it you ask again

I have a domain that you are free to use that option only if we free

When you click the purchases you can click on it and see the personal

If you are a business education at the Czech Bgara we turn and look at education

Click on it to give information and ask for your account that says Verify

If we are speaking to the right to see it now you do not click on the button

Put the phone number of your country you must enter weebly by clicking submit you turn

Sms on your mobile and you will be sent a code that you’ll find inside sms

Please type in the code where I have my phone which had been set by sms

Five, Six then click the button to turn all erased saying that your method

Success is who is speaking here, that if you wish you can register a domain

Right now if you like, share on Facebook or Twitter can

Next time I am making now close this window if you wish to come to your website

It can put the address in the browser look like it we type alltechbuzz

Jiovi dot com and we made it just look at it, he went up to our

You can subscribe to the website

How to make your youtube channel android application in 2 minutes

How to make your youtube channel android application in 2 minutes

Many of you will think that it is also our android application
99 per cent of people feel that
Android application is possible to create your website or youtube channel, also Join
In it you will need two things, a link to your youtube channel and website links and other youtube or website logo

It will not need a technical engineering isn’t a technical skill of
You must be wondering is it possible so it is possible that too for free
All you have to do is to go to google search engine and the is to type apk

Android application to your youtube channel
Then create an app is to click

Such window will open

URL of your website in the URL or enter a youtube
The name of your website or youtube in the title
To upload your people
Clicking on the advanced settings is
Screen inside the apps mobile warrior station you should look or every gentle should specify this vertical tick mark on
Welcome screen, type the name of your app
Click on create app

How to make your youtube channel android application in 2 minutesAndroid application to your youtube channel
Now another window will open that contains a little down after stopping download option will come and collect the downloading
As you open your apps is now ready to install by doing
Close your apps then it will also upload the play store for which you will have to pay the one time $25 c
Then you
No one will have to pay haw-can-hang-mobile
Because this one time activation is then upload as many free take the apps you will have to pay

How to upload apps Playstore for a separate post soon to write you this post I will be pleased to come to you problem in comments written
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Be wary of friends through WhatsApp hacking Go on

                                 whatsapp scam

                              whatsapp  scam

You would think that your whatsapp is very secureiphone 7 appel latest mobile phones iOS 10
Not on
In today’s Internet world, it is not possible
You are so do cyber security systems use antivirus news and a lot of catches when it catches your news site
There is the risk of hackers
Hackers always cyber security are two steps forward
In this world of Smartphone right now you are being used
Don’t go the Plaza it is truehaw can hang mobile

                              whatsapp link   scam

A promotional link is sent to you on which it happens that you send 10 people will have a link so you iphone free
Or then again it happens that comes that says 1 gb data free in today’s date data free would not that I wouldn’t want a iphone not found
Which came to him think your whatsapp message friends sent this message its because he does this message click
As you click the link the link is taking you to other website the website you have your details feel-up
As you do your interiors featuring philaapFacebook audio as live broadcast on live alltech buzz
On behalf of the website you sent in your Smartphone malware so hackers score from whatever mobile inside interiors featuring are the address
Casper sky Lapp principal David these also say that in many language
It links you to forward the 10 people
That your friend in this scam are 10 phas

Facebook and whatsapp live a link forward to getting
It is being said that you 1gb
Data will be 10 gb upgrade
As soon as you click on this link
He will bring you to another page where you
You must enter your Provident Fund details
To click it I will not
Because it’s not from hackers message  is from the side of the
Stay alert for careful
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haw can hang mobile

                                      !                                  haw can hang mobile                                         !

You if anyone will come and call your mobile suddenly hang, you very angry angry not only that
man you comes with every Smartphone and he is up to something and hang
So why have you ever tried to learn
Android mobile smart phone trouble often it always keeps the application will stay open because it
RAM random access memory in IE are all inside apps open
Because of the game so even more RAM memory use occurs which often are mobile hang begin
Today’s date is present every man in Smartphone downloads the apps download video songs
Downloads Internet use too much speak does on that
The war files is too much  whatsapp Bank account data for users sending Excel files duplicate whatsapp hack
RAM process and every phone internal memory of this phone should work over the
However, you should know how much do, give some tips for dealing with this problem is
How to clear all the kukis in the Smartphone and can be always clean the system by


!                                                          tips                                                         !
2 If you are installing the application in the apps in the external memory internal memory shift will give you storage space because of it the more you direct extra memory can be installed on the application in the
3 Play clean master or other application manager from the store you should not
Delete the apps can have your space and speeds will increase Smartphone
Any apps Facebook audio as live broadcast
Or games after closing out her go completely so a lot of people do not remain aplikeshan starting in the background
The files every day, and that in the future the memory card to store the file on the save the cloud storage
Keep the default memory external memory of it all is the data that will be stored in external memory on its own
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whatsapp Bank account data for users sending Excel files duplicate whatsapp hack


           whatsapps hack in your bank account

whatsapp users sending Excel files on the duplicate of the bank account has been publishing data
to hack,
whatsapp gesture on the part of users has been wary,
Where to stay in the penis on whatsapp Malvy keeping hackers This is a profile of the major,
intelligence data through Microsoft Excel is trying to steal twitter new futior twitt editind
The National Protection and National Prabo[sgmb id=”2″]dhini snapped NDA

                                             haking exl fill




Clicking on the online bank account of the user’s

smart phone is

stolen data ,

including PIN number

The name of the Microsoft Excel files on

your whatsapp not



The fact that cyber security are saying,
Some little whatsapp album of the same name, right click on the pdf files sent to the signal has



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Facebook audio as live broadcast on live


          Facebook new   features

Facebook is about to the future of the next six to seven months,

it has been initially tested Facebook future will look at the future of Facebook,

has Anousment  Official how effective these,

                 realize that updet See you on Facebook,

The cyber world of online radio,

and looking at these two,

A live audio broadcast, of the radio to get your Facebook user

being able to,

live audio of uttering were synonymous ,

A few months ago, Facebook videos as live broadcast,

Facility is provided /exl-whats apps-duplicate-files-on-hacking ,

                              Facebook live audio  

This feature has become very popular around the world ,
Facebook at the,same time allow live audio over the world,

has announced the live video of the

Internet speed is very low in many parts

,Watch the video becomes a problem,

That live audio features, Already brought ,
The organization is calling,

on the BBC and Facebook accounts ,How to Get Free Twitter Followers 2016 Get Twitter Famous

to help,reported that the shares,

A new dimension has been clarified by the audio service Facebook ,

m m mm  m m m m m m m m m m m mmm mmmm m m m m m m m m m m  m m m m m m  m m m m m m m m mmm ,mmmmm mmmmmmmm. mmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmm  m m mm mm mm mm mm m mm mm mm mm mm m m m

mm m mmmmmmmmmmm m m mm mm mm mm mmm m m m m m m mm m mm mm mm mm mm mm m mm mmm mmm mm mm m mm mm mm m m m m m m m m m m mm mm m mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m

twitter new future twitt editing on twitter best future

What should new features on twitter users from the online poll after it was received, he soon tweeted Reportedly

Twitter coordinator door C is provided on the editing How to Get Free Twitter Followers 2016 Get Twitter Famous

Very often when chatting is quick to correct him in a lot of mistake has no need to delete either direct or not has to make a new tube

                                       twiter editing                            

Id of the users why it was suggested to be important

And which also has a lot of users to bookmark information on the timeline and the best ways to facilitate and multi classy trading has also been reported

Such polling is particularly fierce several times and this is the business language with malice

It is used to discredit any of them, it is said that the door to do something to stop it

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